Tattoos MOM!

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When my daughter was about 5 or 6 she decided that she wanted some tattoos… so she took a couple markers (thank God they were washable Crayola, we’ve already done the whole Sharpie business when she was 2) into her bathroom and colored away.  Also, cut her bangs about three days before that to which she said “Isn’t it beautiful mom? I’m gonna be a hair cutter like Jennie when I grow up!”

Once done the young lady emerged with her newest creations and said “Hey Mom, notice anything different?” I stood in silent panic for a sec, then burst into laughter…It crossed my mind to play it off and say “No hunny, did you get a new top?”  Instead I took her into her bathroom and took pictures that to this day are forever immortalized in every scrapbook online and off!

So, go ahead, laugh… enjoy this innocence knowing that your kids are perfectly normal when they do it.  And don’t forget they are only young but once!


When you hear the word American, what images does it invoke? For many it is patriotism, freedom, baseball games, etc…There are so many different ways to interpret the meaning of American.  But what about made in America or names that include American like America Girl dolls or American Joe clothing.  One automatically assumes that those products are Made in America.  Unfortunately one is not, and with the message it brings to little girls around the U.S. it should be a disappointment to all who find out that those pretty babies are Made in CHINA.  No fault of our own for assuming because it says American that it is made here.

In this world of mass consumption and CHEAP products, we must wonder what does it really cost us to have things Made in China, and sold at Walmart.  In my parents and my grandparents generations, items were made in America and cost a pretty penny to purchase, but you know, they still own those items or have passed them on to younger generations.  In this day, items are made cheap and so are our mentalities around them.  The products are made cheap and sold cheap so that we can say “Oh, it only costs X $, to replace, I’ll just get a new one.”  So what do you do, you give that store more business, and so goes the vicious cycle.  There is a wonderful video out there describing this awful cycle called Garbage Revolution…You can join their community online at http://www.garbagerevolution.com and I encourage the purchase of the film.  Or you can host a viewing party like I did in your neighborhood.

I will be the first to profess I am cheap and I love a sale and getting discounts, but I would like to think I do it the right way majority of the time.  Thanks to http://www.freecycle.org and my apartment dumpster, I have gathered some very nice items for my home over the last 6 yrs.  I love the idea of saving items from the landfill that can be cleaned and reused.  I urge all reading this to go to check out freecycle and even if you don’t need anything, there is bound to be something in your home you don’t want and can Offer to someone else.   I think American means so much more than freedom or patriotism.  I think we have the right to know and decide where our products are made and demand more quality items and less consumption.  So the rich men have to step down off their alters and let middle America build and consume AMERICAN made.  What does American mean to you?


After reading up on lesions and truely understanding what I must be going through…My hubby has become more supportive and has been really cool for like a week now… I just want to say thanks HOOT, my best friend in the whole world, I hope we can work on our communication about $ now.  Love you!

One must wonder in today’s internet society, what is knowledge? Who has it? In decades and centuries passed our forefathers and so on attended formal education to obtain knowledge of the world around them.  It was the elite that could afford to attend such education that benefitted.  Now, with the internet, constant streaming media and news updates, anyone can have knowledge that someone with formal education has.  Many times as it turns out those internet sources are not as reliable as the scholarly journals and books available, but with education being pushed on every individual it’s not a wonder that so many thirst for it.

However, just as the elite looked down upon the people without that education, in the past so do people today do the same.  Why not give people the benefit of the doubt and allow them to learn from you?  I have a 4 yr. Bachelor degree , will be attending graduate school soon, and yet I was one of the uneducated not so long ago.  I vowed as part of my education I would learn to be tolerant of all people and share my knowledge with those less fortunate instead of sticking my nose at them.  When I sit among the less educated than me I speak as if I would with anyone else and if they ask what am I speaking of or say they do not understand I take the time to explain to them.  Some in my same situation would instead choose to thumb their nose at them and even perhaps walk away or worse yet not associate with those less fortunate.  But this isn’t about me…it’s about all of you…I think part of wisdom and growing to be fully human requires one to be more patient and tolerant of all people. After all that is what Jesus, Buddha, Ghandi, Mohammed, etc were trying to teach us right?

I challenge you all to all to do the same.  For the next few weeks try being more tolerant and just see what you may learn from someone less fortunate.  After all the saying is we learn something new everyday, and someone had to teach you the knowledge you obtained.


So, here I sit at the computer again…I am looking over at my beautiful son and thinking this very well could be the last time I see him until he is 18.  I am scared.  But this is not my only fear.  I am the very first to profess that a little self pity never hurt, but damn I am feeling very sorry for myself tonight, but not in the sense one may think.  I am thinking Why me of course, then a little of is this it?, and then some of that very infamous It’s not fair.  I am more worried about my kids than myself though.  To me, I don’t really matter, but to those kids I mean the world.

I suppose if you read this far you are probably curious so I will inform.  I have a brain lesion, and despite several tests the doctor cannot find a reason for it.  So, in September I will be sent to the Mayo Clinic, but I am also supposed to start my graduate studies.  In my mind Mayo is the place people go that are really sick…and I am scared.  My mother is causing all kinds of drama despite knowing this information and threatening to sue her own daughter.  My hubby is not being supportive at all and in fact is causing so much stress lately as he grows more and more lazy every day.  Then he expects the world of me clean house, clean kids, laundry, dinner, everything….and I CAN’T DO IT! I don’t feel good.  I have included some links on brain lesions so everyone reading is not confused … I am not INVINCIBLE.  I am SCARED!




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I have been chosen as a writer/examiner for an online news source for my city, Las Vegas.   I will be covering civil rights issues as that is the position I have been hired on as.  So, if you want to read my manure that I post here come on back ya’ll!  Now, while I have not exactly shown my wonderful writing skills on my blog I assure you I am a great writer.  My blog for me has been a place where I can just blow off steam and not have to think to deeply, sort of a place for feelings and emotions more than scholarly reports.  So, I will be providing a link as soon as they have my page up and running and I look forward to all of you visiting.